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From Woodland Creek Farm: Adults (l to r) Blue Mountain Thumper '00, her 2002 lamb B M Bunny, and Thumper's 2005 lamb Kaya. Their 2006 ram lambs (in the same order as their mothers) - Pepper, Obsidian, and Kip. All three lambs are self-colored blacks with white spotting.

Southern Oregon Soay Farms' Nell, with her twins.

Milo with one of his charges at Southern Oregon Soay Farms

The real Antony and Cleopatra couldn't have made a better-looking pair than their twin namesakes at Saltmarsh Ranch

Contributed by Karen Weppner of Promised Land Family Farm. The ram is Greener Pastures Jerry Garcia, the ewe Peony Creek Stellar, and the ewe lamb is Peony Creek Dawn, born March 2006 to Stellar (her daddy is Peony Creek Sunny, but don't tell Garcia that!)

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